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المسلمون في استراليا
Muslims in Australia

Compared to European and American diaspora communities, which have been studied prolifically, Islam and Muslims in Australia have yet to receive sufficient attention from scholars.

Though for many years, Australian elites were largely homogenous, they were never alone.

Muslims began arriving in Australia in the late 16th century, mostly of Turkish origin.

From the mid-20th century on, Arab migration increased with the growing volatility in the Middle East, which happened to coincide with a period of remarkable economic growth in Australia.

The book raises an important question; what dose it mean to be Muslim from the perspective of Australian Muslims? To understand the complexities of integration within a multicultural system, it is important to adopt the pretense of regarding Muslims as part of the country’s social fabric – not newcomers.

  • Pages : 260
  • Year : 2017
  • Distributor : Mdrek
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